2020 Season

MLIMA’S TALE by Lynn Nottage
Directed by Tiana Kaye Blair
February 19 – March 14 (opening February 21)


Ancient and legendary African elephant, Mlima, is struck down and his massive tusks stolen as trophies. His ghost is ever-present as the tusks change hands many times and travel the world from Kenya, to Vietnam, to Beijing. Set against the backdrop of the black market ivory trade, and written by two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner, Lynn Nottage (Sweat; Ruined)Mlima’s Tale explores complex questions of global consumerism, ancestral history, and human greed. Tiana Kaye Blair directs, in her STT debut.


A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by Tennessee Williams
Directed by STT Artistic Associate Blake Hackler
May 20 – June 13 (opening May 22) 

Blanche Dubois suddenly arrives in the French Quarter of New Orleans to visit her sister, Stella, but she appears to be running from something. The power struggle that unfolds between Blanche and her brother-in-law, Stanley, threatens to reveal dark secrets in her past and shatter the illusions she’s created around her life. Directed by STT Artistic Associate Blake Hackler, and widely considered to be among the top tier of great American plays, A Streetcar Named Desire maintains its poignancy seventy years after its groundbreaking premiere.


SWEETPEA, a World Premiere by Janielle Kastner
Directed by Carson McCain
July 22 – August 15 (opening July 24) 

A couple moves back in together. They fall apart. Their pet birds move into separate cages. They fall in love. Pecking, nesting, and mating ensue. Sweet until it’s dark, funny until it’s sinister, cozy until it’s incestuous, Sweetpea explores the (im)possibility of intimacy and the absurdity of sharing space. Carson McCain (Empathitrax; The Great God Pan) returns to direct this world premiere production from Dallas playwright, Janielle Kastner.


ENDGAME by Samuel Beckett
Directed by STT Artistic Director Alex Organ
September 16 – October 10 (opening September 18) 

In the wake of some unexplained apocalyptic and catastrophic event, Hamm and his servant, Clov, continue the same impotent and stale routine from day to day. Yet master absurdist Samuel Beckett invites us to discover humor and comedy in the face of their hopelessness, despair, and even certain death. Directed by Artistic Director Alex Organ and starring STT mainstays, Blake Hackler and Drew Wall, Endgame dares us to stare into the abyss at what it means to simply exist… and perhaps what it means to not.