*Season artwork created by Evan Michael Woods

Is Edward Snowden Single?
by kate cortesi

March 22nd – April 8th
Directed by Caroline Hamilton

Much like the US government, two BFFS find themselves in a crisis of integrity, whatever the hell THAT means. Two actresses and an adorable amorous puppet play all twenty roles in this whirlwind play about pretty lies and ugly truths.

Our Dear Dead Drug Lord
by alexis scheer

June 21st – July 8th
Directed by Ruben Carrazana

A gang of teenage girls gathers in an abandoned treehouse to summon the ghost of Pablo Escobar. Are they messing with the actual spirit of the infamous cartel kingpin? Or are they really just messing with each other? A roller coaster ride through the danger and damage of girlhood – the teenage wasteland – has never been so much twisted fun.

by janielle kastner

September 27th – October 14th
Directed by Carson McCain

DOES EVERYONE HAVE WHAT THEY NEED? Anne-Tig-Uh-Knee is a collaborative, inside-out reimagining of the classic Greek tragedy featuring true stories, real rules, and an attempt to rebuild a society once everything‚Äôs broken.