Second Thought Theatre Opens 2021 Season with New Streaming Play: Goat Song

Second Thought Theatre begins their bold seventeenth season with the area premiere of Goat Song by Matt Harmon. Making her professional directing debut, DFW theatre artist Caroline Hamilton leads the production. Previously, Hamilton assisted with directing for STT and Circle Theatre’s 2019 production of What We Were. Goat Song begins streaming Friday, July 2 and continues through Saturday, July 17. All performances of Goat Song will take place online via Vimeo. Tickets to Goat Song are available at

The beauty of art is that it captures the present moment and preserves it. But what happens when an artist moves on from the art they create? Professional musician Marcus is back with new music, but it soon becomes clear that his fans miss the old music made by a man who no longer exists. Throughout the play, playwright Matt Harmon asks us to examine the growing pains of an artist. 

What strikes me most about this play is seeing Marcus confront his destructive past, all while his fans clamour for that past self he is trying to escape from,” says Hamilton. “Goat Song invites the audience to witness one musician’s reckoning with his past and present.”

“It also asks us to look pretty frankly at our own mental health. I think there’s a fallacy we buy into that the best art comes from tortured souls. I don’t think that’s true,” says STT Artistic Director, Carson McCain.  “But what if it is? Would I rather be mentally healthy or one of the greats? For us artists, I’m not sure the answer is so simple.”

Director of Operations, Drew Wall stars in this one-man show as Marcus.  “While this isn’t exactly what I thought a return to the stage would look like, I’m nevertheless very excited to get back to work.  There are elements in the play about artistic transitions and how they can be a bit messy,” says Wall.  “My last show was over two years ago and I’m certainly a bit nervous, but I’m very ready to put a new foot forward, even if it is a bit messy.  There’s something about messy transitions that feels very on point right now.” Wall appeared in STT productions Incognito, Empathitrax and Straight White Men.

Joseph Brewster will be joining STT for the first time as videographer, and returning to STT, Cheyney Coles (S.T.E.P) will be stage managing. 

Goat Song begins on demand streaming Friday, July 2 through July 17. Tickets to Goat Song are on sale now and can be purchased for $15. Audience members will receive a link on the day of their scheduled purchased date and have 72 hours to stream the production.  All unused STT 2020 subscription tickets will be eligible for use during STT’s 2021 season. 

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