“Revolt” Press Round-Up

Check out some critical responses to our current production of Second Thought’s “fearless, funny, lyrical production” (Jill Sweeny at Theater Jones) of Alice Birch’s REVOLT. SHE SAID. REVOLT AGAIN.

Nancy Churnin at the Dallas Morning News: “Under the adroit direction of Christie Vela…the arresting performances demand attention…It’s not an easy ride, but a thoughtful and needed one, unfolding at a time when the questions Revolt raises about old wounds, the demands for parity and the charged question of what the future can and should hold for women continues to shake our world.”

Jill Sweeney at Theater Jones: “The spitting rage at its heart seems so suited to the mood of feminism in 2018…Second Thought has assembled a stellar cast…whatever your politics, try not to miss Second Thought Theatre’s high-wire act production of it, where you’ll be treated to the spectacle of four women (and one man) who may be behaving badly, but who sure are acting beautifully.”

Gadi Elkon at Selig Film News: “An explosive season closer…check out the play at Second Thought Theatre then light your torch and start burning this man’s world to the ground.”

Also, be sure not to miss Nancy Churnin’s feature on the production and some of its artistic team, also for the Dallas Morning News or Shari Goldstein Stern’s piece for the Katy Trail Weekly on the production and its artistic team.

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