Critics weigh in on Straight White Men

  • Nancy Churnin of the Dallas Morning News says “Christie Vela’s direction puts a turbocharged spin on the macho clashes…veering like a roller coaster from the comic to the scary.”
  • “The script, directed with a smart sense of its testosterone-fueled energy by Christie Vela, brims with sudden-onset comedy bits,” says Jan Farrington at TheaterJones.
  • The Dallas Voice‘s Arnold Wayne Jones says, “The ultimate message of SWM…directed by a woman, Christina Vela — isn’t how obnoxious these stand-ins for the mainstream are, but how that obnoxiousness may disguise many doubts and weaknesses.”
  • Jennifer Smart writes for Arts+Culture Texas, “…it’s rare to see a story about this, the first generation of white men who have grown up plagued by these questions of identity (something women and people of color have been struggling with for, well, forever)…”.
  • “It’s intriguing to watch the nuances and purposeful ambiguity of “Straight White Men” that seems to begin as satire and slowly, slowly turns,” says Edge Media Network‘s Christopher Soden.

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