After the challenges of 2020, Second Thought Theatre announces their plans for a bold return with their 2021 season. This is the first season under new Artistic Director, Carson McCain. It brings three new plays -two of which are world premieres- to the North Texas community. Second Thought aims to connect actors and audiences again through thought-provoking works.

“These plays are about the tension between what we want and what we have,” says McCain. “They all share that deep pain that unites us; the pain of knowing where we want to be, and not being there yet. Together, we will breathe again, through the pain we’ve experienced in this last year. This season, we will ask ourselves what price we are willing to pay for our jobs, our art, our relationships? What should it cost us to live a life we enjoy? And is the price ever too high?”

Second Thoughts begins its 2021 season with Goat Song. This play investigates how art made for one time can be enjoyed in another. Specifically written for the pandemic, playwright Matt Harmon asks audiences to consider whether it is fair to ask artists to revisit their pain each time they perform. Making her professional directorial debut, STT welcomes Caroline Hamilton (Asst. Director, What We Were) as the director of Goat Song. This production will also feature STT Director of Operations, Drew Wall (Incognito, Empathitrax). Goat Song will be a filmed and virtually-streamed production.

Next up is Libra Season by award-winning playwright and actor, E.E. Adams. This play was commissioned and developed under Second Thought’s S.T.E.P. program late last year. Intended for live productions over Zoom, Libra Season is a history play for and about 2020. The play explores the shifting foundation of American culture. It asks what we, and more specifically black women, have to sacrifice. STT welcomes back Tiana Kaye Blair (Mlima’s Tale) to direct. Blair helped develop this piece alongside Adams in the S.T.E.P. program.

Finally, Second Thought anticipates a return to in-person theatre with the world-premiere of Sweetpea by Janielle Kastner in late 2021. Sweetpea explores the impossibility of sharing space- a theme that has become even more relevant in the last year. Sweetpea was postponed from the 2020 season. Artistic director, Carson McCain, will direct this new work by DFW local playwright.

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