Announcing: Second Thought Emerging Playwrights (STEP)

Second Thought Theatre is excited to announce details about their inaugural new playwriting series: Second Thought Emerging Playwrights (STEP). With three unique online events, STT invites audiences to experience a behind-the-scenes look in creating a play from the ground up. STEP will focus specifically on tackling the obstacles of producing programming in our current environment and will take place over three months: December 2020, January 2021, and February 2021.

STT has commissioned up and coming playwright, E.E. Adams, to write an original work for STEP. This new piece of theatre is intended to be performed over steaming services like Zoom.

The first event takes place in December and consists of a public reading of the first draft of the script. Online audiences will learn about what is working in the new play and hear what questions are still unanswered. The second event takes place in January, in which audiences attend a live full working rehearsal. Attendees will experience a virtual rehearsal in real time and learn more about the collaboration process of creating new plays through the eyes of the director, cast and playwright.  The final event, a performance of a portion of the final play, will be presented at STT’s annual gala fundraiser, Second Thought State of Mind.  This third event is a celebration of the artists’ hard work to bring something to life during the STEP experience. 

For tickets to STEP One – The First Read: click here.

For tickets to STEP Two – The Deep Dive: click here.

For tickets to STEP Three – The Play Debut: Attendees must purchase tickets to STT’s State of Mind fundraiser.

Donors and current subscribers may utilize their season tickets for either of the first two events.

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