• Dallas-Fort Worth Theater Critics Forum: 2017 Awards | Full List
    • OUTSTANDING DIRECTION, Christie Vela – Straight White Men
    • OUTSTANDING NEW PLAY OR MUSICAL, The Necessities by Blake Hackler
    • OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR, Thomas Ward – Straight White Men
      Jenny Ledel – Grounded
      Christie Vela – The Necessities
      Brian McDonald – set and sound design, Grounded
      Aaron Johansen – lighting design, Grounded
  • Dallas Observer: Best of Dallas 2015 | More Information
    • Best Actor, Alex Organ
    • Best Actress, Jenny Ledel
  • D Magazine: Best of Big D 2014More Information
    • Best Theater
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Theater Critics Forum: 2014 Awards | Full List
    • Best Actor, Drew Wall, Nocturne
    • Best New Play or Musical, Booth by Steven Walters
  • Dallas Observer: Best of Dallas 2014 | More Information
    • Best Stage Actor, Drew Wall
  • Dallas Observer: Best of Dallas 2009  | More information
    • Best Young Actor, Drew Wall
  • Dallas Voice: ‘Exit Stage Right’ (Top 10 of 2008) | Full List
    • “7. There’s a good reason Edmond (Second Thought Theatre) is performed without an intermission: David Mamet’s play is so abusive, so discomfiting to watch, it has to be experienced once, quickly – like ripping off a Band-Aid. This production, fluidly directed by Rene Moreno and brilliantly acted (especially by Regan Adair in the title role), zeroed in on the dark soul of a man unflinchingly.”
  • The Dallas Morning News: TOP 10 OF 2008 | Full List
    • “10. Best Dallas Premiere of a Show That Fort Worth Saw Long Ago: Second Thought Theatre’s Lobby Hero had strong performances in a tricky piece, but the same company’s Collected Stories featured the city’s best actresses of their generations, Pam Dougherty and Allison Tolman, in peak form.”
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Theater Critics Forum’s 2007-08 Awards | Full List
    • NEW PLAY OR MUSICAL: Snake Eyes at the Mardi Gras Motel by Steven Walters
    • PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR: Regan Adair, Edmond
    • PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS: Maxey Whitehead, Snake Eyes at the Mardi Gras Motel
    • Best in Dallas Theater 2008 | Full List
  • Edmond by David Mamet
    • Dallas Observer, Best of Dallas 2005
    • Best New Theater Company
    • Best Local Actress – Allison Tolman
    • Best Local Actor and Playwright – Steven Walters