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Attending a Second Thought Show

Second Thought’s Home: Bryant Hall

Second Thought Theatre stages its productions in Bryant Hall at the Kalita Humphries Theater between Turtle Creek and the Katy Trail, just off Blackburn. Bryant Hall is a wonderful little black box theater perfect for Second Thought, next door to the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kalita Humprhreys Theater .

3636 Turtle Creek Blvd
Dallas, TX 75219

What to Expect

  • Bring your phones. Second Thought uses digital playbills that you can read on your phone. Please turn your flash and ringers off.
  • Come as you are. There is no dress code.
  • Minimal sets, great acting and directing. We focus our energies on highlighting great talent, and not as much on showy sets and wardrobe, although you won’t be disappointed in the staging.

Opening Night

On opening nights, there is a party after the performance with food trucks, beer, and the whole Second Thought family is there. This is the only performance without a talk back.

Talk Backs

After all other performances, the actors, and sometimes producer, director, artistic director, playwright spend 10-20 minutes chatting with the audience with whatever the audience would like to discuss.

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Second Thought Theatre
3523 McKinney Ave.
Ste 255, Box 452
Dallas, TX 75204

General Information: info@secondthoughttheatre.com

Steven Walters – Co-Artistic Director
Kelsey Head – Co-Artistic Director - email

History & Founding Members

Second Thought Theatre was founded in 2003 by Barbara Bouman, Lance Currie, Mike Schraeder, Steven Walters and Tom Parr IV.

Board of Directors

David Guedry, Board President
Ben Guthrie, Board Secretary

Erik Archilla
Lance Currie
Emily Guthrie
Chris LaBove
Amy Kendrick Lee
Rachel Mazzanti
Robert McCollum
Gregory A. Odegaard
Paige Southern
Steven Walters
Karol Omlor, Advisory Member
Alex Organ, Artistic Director

Awards and Recognition

  • D Magazine: Best Theater (2014)
  • Dallas Observer: Best of Dallas 2009
    • Drew Wall, Best Young Actor
  • Dallas Voice: ‘Exit Stage Right’ (Top 10 of 2008)Full List
    • “7. There’s a good reason Edmond (Second Thought Theatre) is performed without an intermission: David Mamet’s play is so abusive, so discomfiting to watch, it has to be experienced once, quickly – like ripping off a Band-Aid. This production, fluidly directed by Rene Moreno and brilliantly acted (especially by Regan Adair in the title role), zeroed in on the dark soul of a man unflinchingly.”
  • The Dallas Morning News: TOP 10 OF 2008 | Full List
    • “10. Best Dallas Premiere of a Show That Fort Worth Saw Long Ago: Second Thought Theatre’s Lobby Hero had strong performances in a tricky piece, but the same company’s Collected Stories featured the city’s best actresses of their generations, Pam Dougherty and Allison Tolman, in peak form.”
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Theater Critics Forum’s 2007-08 Awards | Full List
    • NEW PLAY OR MUSICAL: Snake Eyes at the Mardi Gras Motel by Steven Walters
    • PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTOR: Regan Adair, Edmond
    • PERFORMANCE BY AN ACTRESS: Maxey Whitehead, Snake Eyes at the Mardi Gras Motel
    • EdgeDallas.com: Best in Dallas Theater 2008 | Full List
  • Edmond by David Mamet
    • Dallas Observer, Best of Dallas 2005
    • Best New Theater Company
    • Best Local Actress – Allison Tolman
    • Best Local Actor and Playwright – Steven Walters


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