About Second Thought Theatre

Founded in 2003 by Barbara Bouman, Lance Currie, Mike Schraeder, Steven Walters, and Tom Parr IV, Second Thought Theatre provides an intimate and unique theatrical experience by empowering top local artists to take risks, and by showcasing writers who boldly tackle the difficult and demanding questions of our rapidly changing world.

Attending a Second Thought Show

Second Thought’s Home: Bryant Hall

Second Thought Theatre stages the majority of its productions in Bryant Hall at the Kalita Humphreys Theater between Turtle Creek and the Katy Trail, just off Blackburn. Bryant Hall is a wonderful little black box theater perfect for Second Thought, next door to the Frank Lloyd Wright’s Kalita Humphreys Theater.

Bryant Hall
3400 Blackburn St
Dallas, TX 75219

Talk Backs

After all performances (except for opening night), we hold a talkback between the audience and various members of the cast, artistic staff, and production team.  Each session is led by a STT member as a way to continue the conversation beyond what you’ve seen on stage.  Talkbacks usually last 10-20 minutes and help us create a growing dialogue between our artists and patrons about the immediate issues surrounding our community.  We would love to have you as part of the conversation!

Contact Information

Mailing Address:

Second Thought Theatre
3839 McKinney Ave., Ste. 155-452
Dallas, TX 75204

General Information: info@secondthoughttheatre.com


Artistic Director – Alex Organ (email)
Director of Operations – Drew Wall (email)
Director of Communications – Ana Hagedorn (email)

History & Founding Members

Second Thought Theatre was founded in 2003 by Barbara Bouman, Lance Currie, Mike Schraeder, Steven Walters and Tom Parr IV.

Board of Directors

Joshua D. Terry, Board President
Gregory A. Odegaard, Secretary
Jim Nugent, Treasurer
D. Lance Currie
Jordan Hora
John Farrell
Fabiana Martínez
Lila Murphy
Karol Omlor
Alex Organ, Artistic Director
Drew Wall, Director of Operations

Erik Archilla, Advisory Member
April Bosworth, Advisory Member
Nick Even, Advisory Member
Joel Ferrell, Advisory Member
Amy Kendrick Lee, Advisory Member
Deborah McMurray, Advisory Member
Danielle Pickard, Advisory Member
Steven Walters, Advisory Member
Paul Wingo, Advisory Member

Second Thought Theatre is generously sponsored by TACA.

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